“Ripple-Maker and Son”: Igan D’Bayan on “Pamana”

On view at the gallery until April 29 is “Pamana,” featuring the artworks of the late artist Salvador Cabrera and his son Jojo Ayllon Cabrera. Salvador, you see, is deemed as the artistic “ripple-maker” in the family.

He was certainly a huge influence on his brother, Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera, National Artist for Visual Arts. Waves were set in motion in the Cabrera household of yore.

“He really introduced me to the arts. I used to watch him draw, and it was like magic — from a blank piece of paper came out something,” BenCab shares. Both artists were, pun intended, drawn to figurative drawing. Salvador, who died 28 years ago, was 13 years older than the younger Cabrera. He was BenCab’s kuya.

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