Third Moon

  • Start

    23 October 2014
  • End

    30 November 2014
  • Artist

    Impy Pilapil

  • Venue

    Altro Mondo • Arte Contemporanea 3rd Level Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
As I explore more of my inner self and expand my grasp of the alternative and the esoteric, I have become more attuned to my place in the universe.Reading through my collection of writings from Anthroposophical essays, books and lectures, I have encountered the subject of Planetary Incarnations many times. It may come across as science fiction, but to me it feels very real.I have been inspired by it before and this has resulted in one of my most memorable endeavors. Then, I tackled the subject of our Saturn Cycle, during which we experience a recollection of our fondest childhood memories in vivid detail.Now, I am centered on the Third Moon.In Planetary Incarnations, the Third Moon comes after the Saturn and Sun cycles. During this period, the reminiscent playbacks of our memories are once again recalled—but this time it is more focused on life`s creative transformations and our expanding consciousness. We experience a subconscious mirroring as we are touched by frequent dreams of our past, and we catch glimpses of our true selves and our defining lunar memories.

In many of them, I was on a boat, sailing through the night surrounded by the sea. It was something that I loved to do back then and did quite often. I have always loved the sound of water against the hull, the light breeze forming small patterns that in turn encircle the boat`s wake as we moved forward. At times the full moon would be high above, silently watching over us—casting its vast reflection on the surface, rippling in the waves.

When the moon shines, all colors transform the very air around me in the most enchanting way. The water becomes a deep blue-black with glistening silver crest. The boat shines iridescently in the sea mist, and my own body seems to glow in the moonlight.

Such beauty is not just seen, it is felt. These memories and the emotions that come with them are the Third Moon`s gift to me.

— Impy Pilapil