Point B

  • Start

    06 February 2014
  • End

    28 February 2014
  • Artists

    Issay Rodriguez, Jezzel Wee, Joseph Gabriel

  • Venue

    Altro Mondo • Arte Contemporanea 3rd Level Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City

Point B

Joseph Gabriel, Issay Rodriguez and Jezzel Wee are among the top graduates of their class from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts in 2013.

point B is an exhibit that brings together these three young minds in an attempt to project where they are heading now that it is time to leave the University—from being student artists to becoming artist artists. In real affairs of the arts, it is argued that there is no real distinction that divides a student artist from artist artists.  Artists anyway remain students of life forever.

This exhibit then isGabriel, Rodriguez and Wee’sceremonial reaction to their equally ceremonial denouement from the University.  It is an experience that challenges even the smartest, brightest and most creative to fight the feeling of uncertainty, insecurity and fear.  Uncertainty over what?Insecurity towards what? And fear of what? One might ask…of the so-called Real World.   This is a sentiment as old as time, as those who thought that they have experienced and are surviving the Real World made sure that the myth continues.

In plotting their route for their journey to the real world, they decided to assign home as point of origin. Home in their view is a complex manifestation of disparate and collective temperament. It is where several people find their “own” space among a crowd who each has a claim that it is likewise their “own”.  It is not a personal place but a place of ultimate irony and constant challenge.It is where they all started, and after the University lap, this is where they headed back. Not to create a cycle but to consciously subject themselves to that irony.

In the same breath of ironic comfort, they have chosen techniques and media that would easily allow them to manifest their difficult sentiment.

Gabriel’s are resin casted sculptures. In this series he concealed objects and arrangements that are otherwise too familiar.  It is not an attempt to monumentalize the mundane.  He is suggesting that beyond their function, there is form, they cast shadows and they could allow people to navigate what might be, what could have been or what was.  His sculptures encourage the audience to look for or create a context for the concealed objects in their state of detachment.  It is in strong contrast with his previous works that are ephemeral and kinetic.  According to the artist, his present choice of medium allows him to imagine pseudo-permanence that is capable of receiving and telling change, and not change happening.

Rodriguez did a series of light-boxes. Using family as subject of her works is common in Rodriguez’s work.  Playfulness or sense of wonder is also a familiar character of her past works.  In this series however, Rodriguez tried to manipulate the medium in layering the images and allowing multiple exposure to suggest that what is presented are not mementos of exclusive experience; they are forms and not narratives.

Wee’s are fired ceramic tableau of human figures and object in naïve style. She created tableau vivant of daily affairs in the home.  Projecting these scenes that are smaller-than life allows her to keep a distance and reassess her own role in a condition that has a prescribed hierarchy. Having them displayed on multi-level pedestals emphasize the artist position that what is happening at home are scenes of layered narratives.

This exhibit therefore is not an exhibit talking about home as a both point A and point B of their juvenile journey.  They used home as a backdrop in finding their comfort zones, beyond school, besides family, towards the real world, within themselves.

— By DayangYraola