Here is Always Somewhere Else

  • Start

    22 March 2015
  • End

    22 April 2015
  • Artist

    Czar Kristoff

  • Venue

    The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences 119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village Makati City, Philippines 1227


In his first solo show HERE IS ALWAYS SOMEWHERE ELSE, Kristoff attempts an oxymoron, taking photography, a medium whose clear intent is the capture of an image, and transforms the act of capture into a vehicle for catharsis. Perhaps more accurately, Kristoff captures moments-of- catharsis. The artist utilizes image association and/or visual cues to dispell what he calls daydreams– misguided recollections colored by sentiment; pleasant misrememberings in the guise of obstacles to his craft.

Kristoff is nothing but obsessive in his search for release. In regarding his body of work, one might ask how many ways there are to photograph a ghost, the artist’s oeuvre exceedingly transitory in nature. Each accidental is meticulously documented, a perfectionist’s patience revealed in the composition. There may be luck involved in his documentation of the ephemeral, but it is the luck of multiple deliberate attempts at a singular idea.

In HERE IS ALWAYS SOMEWHERE ELSE, Kristoff attempts to articulate an internal dissonance. He explores through multiples of scale, through video, through found object installation, the value one places upon the pursuit of a desired but unattained [something.] Kristoff elaborates the thin line between feeling-and-not-feeling, an absolution of self and viewer.

Making no attempt at obscuring brokenness in his subject matter, Kristoff somehow makes it all seem weightless through sheer force of will (or mastery of craft). The audience’s gaze floats; object recognition suspended in lieu of something primal– our animal selves sensing the moment-after- [something]-happening. There is a displacement in HERE IS ALWAYS SOMEWHERE ELSE, Kristoff’s shutter blinking at the moment right before the dust settles. We see the first instance of clarity, a still life suspended in mid-air.