• Start

    02 October 2014
  • End

    20 October 2014
  • Artist

    Lina Llaguno-Ciani

  • Venue

    Altro Mondo • Arte Contemporanea 3rd Level Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
The delicate paintings of Lina Llaguno Ciani are like experiences on the brink of a high cliff, where one single misstep can send you plunging into an endless abyss of endless clouds and space into a surrealist realm of no gravity. For many years she has chosen as signature object of her art, the egg. It was the crowned King of the Realm, the dramatis persona without rival. It is a wonder how she manages to place it in a different situation and contexts at every turn, and for this she has to create another world, seemingly familiar, but without the underlying laws of physic that one takes for granted. She works on contrasts and contradictions: gravity and no-gravity, two-dimensional versus three-dimensional, small and gigantic, fragility and strength.

— Alice G. Guillermo
Business Mirror

From everything to nothing. From everywhere to nowhere. From zero to infinity. From here and beyond. These are just some of the places where Italy-based artist Lina Llaguno Ciani draws inspiration from – which is really to say that her art takes root from the mappings of her mind, from her silent ruminations, and her other-wordly imagination. Here are works that celebrate the surreal, the poetic, the philosophical, the playful and the nostalgic. Certainly the seduction of Ciani’s pieces is apparent in the fact that the visual elements present in them give the onlooker a feeling of respite… a sense of thoughtful lull from the continuum of things.

— Pam Brooke A. Casin
Manila Bulletin